Ok, we have a new theme and we want to apply it to our device.
The procedure is simple but... Some users don't know how to apply their theme to EMUI devices...
And now, we explain this simple procedure...
  • Download the hwt theme from the web.

  • Open the File Manager App.  

  • Navigate on download directory.
  • Long press on your downloaded theme.
  • Select the "Move" Button.

  • Move the file in Themes Directory.

  • Navigate on HWThemes directory.
  • Select the "Move" Button to definitively move the HWT file.

  • Open the Theme Manager app.

  • Navigate to "Mine" tab (where is present the themes you have downloaded).
  • Select the Theme previously downloaded.

  • Apply the theme.

If the theme manager ask you to mantain the "Magazine Lockscreen", select the option you desired...

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